It is hard to talk about coffee without mentioning Ethiopia or talk about Ethiopia without referring to its coffee history. After all, Ethiopia is one of the most popular coffee origins in the world – the motherland of all Arabica coffee. In general, Ethiopian coffees are known for their complexity with a pungent, winey quality and a distinct wildness in their acidity satisfying the varied tastes of consumers at home and throughout the world. Ethiopian coffees enjoy an international reputation as high quality beans with unique flavours and tastes.

Arabica coffee is the first species coffee, which indigenous to the south-western mountains of Ethiopia. These trees produce a fine, mild, aromatic coffee and represent approximately 70 percent of the world’s coffee production. On the world market, Arabica coffees bring the highest prices.

This God of coffee beans is reached in flavour, sweater with a taste of fruit, Barry and winy flavour. It contains enough sugar, which makes it delicately when it is sipped through. Arabica coffee is high in quality with lower acidity than Robusta coffee.

The better Arabica’s are high grown coffees — generally grown between 2,000 to 6,000 feet above sea level — though the optimal altitude varies with proximity to the equator.




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